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Make up is a friend and a blessing in disguise for all the fashionable ladies out there who love to dress up and embrace their beauty. Make up, that is well done, not only accentuates a woman’s features but gives her the confidence to stand tall and walk with pride in herself. We all love a little hair do and some pats of the make up brush if there is an important event coming up. Whether it’s a friend’s big day, a party, prom, or even your own wedding – we all want the red carpet look don’t we? My name is Baila Friedman and I am just what you need to attain that gorgeous look!

Being the owner and makeup artist at this home-based salon, I put in my genuine efforts to enhance your beauty and turn you into a princess of your own dreams! For years I have given complete devotion, unbending hard work and staunch love to my long term customers who only wish to be treated by me. Unlike the ordinary salons, I keep my complete focus and attention on making you; yes you, a better version of yourself and imparting a sense of confidence once you step out of my door. I guarantee you that my makeup stays intact with you for hours without breaking apart or making your face look dull. As a plus point, I also do wigs that don’t betray. So what’s holding you back ladies?

Every woman is beautiful in her own way but it takes the right person to take a mirror, stand in front of her and make her realize of her essence. This is the magic I cast here! My customer’s satisfaction in my ultimate goal and as long as you’re happy and comfortable, my work keeps going!

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